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Quality Policy

Our Motto:

Pursuit of Quality excellence is accomplished by Quality Consciousness in all-we-do, unto the lowest level.

Asian Metal Products is committed to QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS in our products; RESPONSIVENESS and SATISFACTION in Customer Service.

In order to live up to our policy and objectives, we shall:

  • Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations:

    • Defect free products.

    • Strive to meet customer's target values.

    • Monitor customer satisfaction.

  • Deliver on time.

    • Ship on the date required by the customer.

    • Monitor on-time delivery performance.

  • Reduce all costs to the lowest possible level.

    • Establish Cost Reduction Programs.

    • Monitor the Cost of Quality

A conscious effort shall be made to:

  • Continuous improvement of our processes, and systems

  • Foster a team approach to defect prevention and problem solving.

  • Ensuring our personnel are properly trained

  • Empower employees through bottom up management model.

  • Maintain the Quality Department as a partner with Manufacturing.

  • Exchange expertise with suppliers.

  • Reduce waste and inefficiency wherever found.

  • Provide customers with written corrective actions.

  • Earn customer recognition of our quality progress.

  • Practice good housekeeping.

  • Review and renew this Quality Policy on a regular basis

We are committed to the preservation of natural resources as an obligation to society, and will promote recycling and the use of recycled materials with ourselves, and our customers.

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